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APEEL Rad Framework for PHP - Ajax Web Applications in a Jiffy

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APEEL is an object-oriented PHP RAD application framework based on industry standard design patterns and is aimed at the developer who wants all the productivity boosting benefits of a framework without the often steep learning curve or loss of control they entail.

APEEL is ... Easy to Learn

Unlike some frameworks there is no steep learning curve or requirement to spend a substantial amount of time learning skills that are specific to the framework itself. If you are already familiar with Object-Oriented PHP and the MVC design pattern then you should be able to hit the ground running with APEEL, and if you are not familiar with Object-Oriented programming or the MVC design pattern then don't worry - there is a basic tutorial on both to get you going.

APEEL is ... RAD

As a Rapid Application Development (RAD) framework, you can build better, more robust Ajax web applications with less time and effort.

APEEL is ... Feature Rich

APEEL has a rich feature set that makes complex tasks easy - e.g. Reading/Writing/Searching a database and presenting in a sortable, resizable grid, sending HTML emails with attachments, Generating PDFs, etc etc.

APEEL is ... Keeping you in control

Some frameworks take over your project and force you to work a certain way making "breaking out" of the framework to handle edge cases difficult. Aside from encouraging you to stick to the Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern, with APEEL you can use it's functionality as much or as little as you wish in your projects.

Some frameworks encourage you to spend time learning fiddly middleware that "hides the complexity of SQL" from you, unfortunately they also hide the power of SQL from you and create inefficient database queries. IMHO the time spent learning specific middleware is better spent with a good SQL book as it's usefulness is universal.

APEEL is ... Flexible and Adaptable

APEEL works "out of the box" but every developer is different with their own way of working and set of priorities. Therefore, APEEL is designed to be easy to modify and adapt into your framework - the way you want it. Don't like one of the plugins we've used? APEEL's logical layout makes it easy to strip it out and hook up your own preference.

APEEL is ... Built on solid foundations

Whilst the APEEL framework itself is relatively new, key functionality is provided by carefully chosen, popular, best of breed open-source libraries such as jQuery (Ajax / Javascript support), Smarty (Templating), TCPDF (PDF Generation), CKEditor (Rich Text Editing) and FlexiGrid (Data Grid with resizable columns etc). Time spent learning these libraries will serve you well even if you never build another application using APEEL.

APEEL is ... DRY

APEEL is structured to minimalise repeated code, otherwise known as "Don't Repeat Yourself" or "DRY".


Why wait? APEEL is a free, open-source framework so download it and get started now.

If you wish to support the project, have a look at the APEEL PHP Code Generator PRO - which automatically generates Data Object classes and Data Entry Forms based on your database structure. It is a commercial product however not only does it have a free trial period, but if you can't afford it you can get it for free by completing a TrialPay offer, Blogging about it or making a short Video about it.

Get Involved

If you like the APEEL Framework and would like to get involved in its development then please send us an email via the Contact tab on the left.

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